360° Rental Management
One view of your entire business and all its processes, no matter how many offices, subsidiaries, warehouses, studios, sets, assets or product lines you hold or how many staff and freelancers you have.
Single or multi-channel
Circulio comes with built-in rental and sales eCommerce sites as an integral part of the platform, so you can ditch the time, cost and hassle of maintaining a separate website.
One version of the truth
Circulio keeps all your information about your assets, stock, bookings, customers, orders, deliveries, returns and repairs in one place and makes it accessible to you and your teams in real time.
Built-in front-end websites, smart availability management, sophisticated product and asset management, customer management, order to cash, and warehouse, team and studio management, Circulio connects your whole team across all aspects of your business on a single, all-in-one platform.
No servers, no license fees, no installations, no separate websites or hosting fees, no separate e-commerce site, no maintenance costs, no web agencies (unless you really want one!), no security worries. Circulio is cloud-based, so you and your team can operate from anywhere, anytime.
Completely scalable, enterprise-class security and reliability protects your business and your data, which you own and can access from anywhere at any time.

Craft stunning, revenue-generating websites

Ditch the website hassle! Circulio's built-in ecommerce platform is your all-in-one solution for technical equipment rentals and sales.

  • Multi-brand powerhouse: Manage multiple websites seamlessly, perfect for subsidiaries and expansion into adjacent markets.
  • Real-time availability & ordering: reduce quote admin. Move customers to online ordering & payment.
  • Multiple ways to shop: online, in store and by phone.
  • Mobile-first experience: Ensure every customer finds what they need, on any device.
  • Rent, sell, or test-drive: Give customers flexibility with built-in “test drive” and “try before you buy” features
  • White-label rentals: Empower other brands with your platform, expanding your reach.
  • SEO mastery: Dominate search results with built-in tools for better visibility.
Circulio gives you everything you need from your technical equipment hire software and more. It’s a multi-site, multi-channel e-commerce platform for equipment rental companies with annual turnover growing beyond £1m.

Unleash rental profits: Supercharge asset utilisation and upsell with Circulio

Squeeze every drop of revenue from your equipment with Circulio's game-changing tools

  • Smart algorithms: Maximize rental income with precise availability tracking and kitting optimization.
  • Fast bookings: User-friendly date selectors for seamless rentals, no quotes needed.
  • Reduce admin: payments, deposits and refunds can all be processed and accounted for automatically
  • Automated adjustments: Kits, quarantined items, and late returns are factored-in automatically.
  • Dynamic pricing: Hide or display pricing by website, customer or product type, set different rates for holidays, and peak periods.
  • Boost sales: Automatically include accessories, suggest related items, and upsell consumables like batteries.
  • Flexible scheduling: Define working and non-working days for accurate availability and have different rules for different products, warehouses & collection points.
Real-time availability and ordering across all your channels, assets, kits and stock, no matter how many locations you have
"Having real-time availability across all of our channels, sites, and operations has increased our close rate and made us more efficient"

Streamline Your Rental Business: Faster Quotes, Higher Conversions, Smoother Operations

  • Close Deals Faster: Build and personalise quotes in minutes, mirroring any RFQ with custom sections and running order.
  • Win more business: seamless quote-to-order conversion.
  • Effortless Basket Management: Create back-office baskets without affecting inventory, or orders that do.
  • Maximise client satisfaction: Edit client’s baskets to make sure they get everything they need.
  • Sub-Rent With Ease: bolster inventory and fulfil orders with sub-rentals
  • Smart Pricing: Apply automatic customer-specific pricing and fine-tune it on the fly.
  • Smooth your workflow: Automate the creation and emailing of key documents like quotes, rental agreements, and orders.
  • Centralized Communication: Edit and manage all your customer communication templates in one central location for consistent, professional messaging.

If they try it, they’re more likely to buy it: Circulio's Unique "Test Drive & Try Before You Buy"

Boost rental revenue and skyrocket sales conversions with Circulio's industry-first Test Drives & Try-Before-You-Buy features

  • B2B Powerhouse: Put high-tech & specialist equipment directly into the hands of decision-makers, accelerating sales cycles.
  • B2C Conversion King: Convert consumers with hands-on experiences, building trust and brand loyalty.
  • Interactive Events: Engage trade show visitors with kit rentals and loans, driving brand awareness and leads.
  • Loyalty Builder: Foster deep customer relationships with training days, workshops, and facility bookings.
  • Seamless Press Management: Effortlessly manage all your press kit loans and returns, maximizing media exposure and minimising lost kit.
  • Flexible Rental Control: Set paid or free trials, tailor promotions, and incentivise purchases with vouchers.
  • Hassle-Free Returns: Simplify returns with convenient third-party collection points, ensuring the best possible brand experience.

Tame Your Tech Inventory: Circulio's Product & Asset Management Powerhouse

From rental bikes to specialized cameras, manage it all with Circulio's intuitive product and asset management tools

  • Centralized Control: Organize, track, and maintain every item effortlessly - no more siloed data.
  • One-Stop Shop: Manage rentals, sales, accessories, consumables, and kits in one unified platform.
  • Bulk Management: Add and update products seamlessly, saving you time and frustration.
  • Automatic Serialization: Simplify tracking with custom coding structures.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Showcase products with specs, dimensions, weights, and rich descriptions.
  • Smart Kits: Build virtual or physical kits, easily managing components and configurations.
  • Customizable Padding: Powerful outbound and return padding controls ensure you never suffer overlapping orders or double-bookings, no matter how many sites you're operating from.
  • Limitless Scalability: Grow your inventory infinitely without software limitations.
Thought your current technical equipment hire software was good enough? Circulio can take you to the next level and beyond.

Educate & Engage: Circulio's Built-in Content Management System

Attract tech-savvy B2B and B2C customers with Circulio's powerful, integrated CMS

  • One-Stop Content Hub: Create, manage, and publish website content seamlessly, eliminating separate website costs and complex integrations.
  • Global Reach: Craft localized content and manage translations effortlessly, catering to diverse markets.
  • Multi-Site Management: Control content across multiple websites efficiently, maintaining brand consistency.
  • Engaging Storytelling: Share product news, updates, and blog posts to capture audience interest.
  • Rich Media Integration: Showcase products with captivating images, videos, and even external links to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube.
  • SEO Mastery: Optimize your website for search engines, attracting more qualified leads.
  • Targeted Conversions: Design and manage landing pages that drive specific actions, boosting conversions.

Unleash Pricing Power: Control Every Pound with Circulio

Stop juggling spreadsheets and take command of your rental and sales pricing with Circulio's sophisticated tools

  • Personalized Pricing: Craft unique price structures for B2B, trade, pro-sumer, and B2C segments, maximizing revenue potential.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Track rental performance and adjust pricing strategically to optimize asset utilization.
  • Cost & Profit Insights: Analyse purchase costs, returns, and market trends to inform pricing for new and used equipment.
  • Flexible Price Setting: Define custom pricing for rentals and sales across individual products or assets.
  • Promotional Flexibility: Offer free or discounted periods (weekends, holidays) to drive demand and attract new customers.
  • Multi-Site Control: Create different price structures for the same product on various websites, catering to specific markets.
  • Automated Kit Pricing: Enjoy automatic kit price calculations with manual override options for fine-tuning control.
Your technical equipment rental software needs to put you in control of pricing. Circulio brings you powerful, sophisticated price management.

Simplify Customer Success: Streamline Operations with Circulio

Empower your team and delight your customers with Circulio's centralized customer and account management

  • Seamless Onboarding: Reduce signup friction with online verification and ID checks, streamlining customer acquisition.
  • Unified Accounts: Manage all customer types (trade, B2B, consumers) and their information effortlessly.
  • Faster Sales Cycles: Convert quotes to orders efficiently with pre-built, RFQ-matching capabilities.
  • Personalize Orders: Edit cart items for consumers, tailoring their experience and boosting sales.
  • Smart Upselling: Leverage powerful cross-sell and upsell tools to maximize revenue per customer.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Monitor availability, product relationships, and order status anytime, anywhere.
  • Comprehensive Support: Shorten lead times and optimize workflows with intuitive customer support functionality.

Unleash Inventory Efficiency: Circulio's Warehouse Management Powerhouse

Transform your outbound and return operations with Circulio's powerful warehouse management features

  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment: Offer flexible delivery options like in-store pickup, click & collect, and various courier services.
  • Enhanced Customer Convenience: Increase customer satisfaction with 3rd-party return locations for wider coverage.
  • Unlimited Warehousing: Manage any number of warehouses, including virtual ones, and create ringfenced stock within them.
  • Seamless Stock Movement: Transfer stock and assets between warehouses with real-time tracking and availability updates.
  • Automated Pick Lists: Generate error-free pick lists with related items, accessories, and consumables.
  • Streamlined Scanning: Track every stage with scanner-friendly QR codes or barcodes for efficiency.
  • Dynamic Documentation: Generate in-case documents like bills of materials and return instructions on the fly.
  • Real-Time Return Visibility: Monitor return locations and arrival times for faster processing.
  • Customizable Returns: Define unique return processes for each asset or product, ensuring thorough checks.
  • Detailed Bill of Material Management: Verify items line-by-line for accuracy.
  • Quarantine & Repair Management: Maximize fleet capacity with efficient repair and replacement workflows.
  • Photo Capture & Condition Tracking: Document return condition with photos for faster resolution.
  • Pre-Hire Testing: Integrate pre-hire testing during returns for smoother dispatch.
  • Automated Deposit & Refund Processing: Simplify financial management with automated calculations and processing.
  • Seamless Accounting Integration: Automatically post transactions to the correct chart of accounts.

Your people are your greatest asset, so maximize their impact with Circulio's unified workforce and event management platform

Seamlessly integrate personnel and equipment for streamlined event execution

  • Manage Human Assets: Organize your team structure, define individual skillsets, and set personalized availability rules.
  • Effortless Resource Allocation: Assign the right people to the right jobs with intuitive resource booking functionality.
  • Unified Availability: Manage both personnel and equipment availability holistically, ensuring resource optimization.
  • Streamlined Logistics: Add, edit, and manage transportation and logistics needs easily within the platform.

Seamless Connections, Enhanced Efficiency: Circulio's Powerful Integrations

Connect your Circulio experience to a world of possibilities with our extensive and growing list of integrations

  • Boost financial workflows: Simplify accounting with Xero, Stripe, and Trust Payments integrations.
  • Maximize marketing & analytics: Optimize customer engagement with GTM, MetaPixel, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Mailjet.
  • Gather valuable feedback: Gain crucial insights with TestFreaks and TrustPilot integrations.
  • Seamless logistics: Your courier deliveries and collections arranged automatically through our Parcelforce integration.
Don't see your desired integration? No problem! Just contact us through the 'Contact Us' form and let us know what you need. We're constantly expanding our offerings and your feedback is valuable to us.


From large trade accounts with competitive tendering to professional photographers ordering online, leading camera rental companies rely on Circulio to drive their business efficiency and growth.
From a simple deck to the inherent complexity of pro-audio kitting, product and accessory compatibility, bulk lines, and multiple client types and pricing models, Circulio provides an all-in-one platform for pro-audio hire companies looking to grow efficiently.
AV, Video & Event Production
From booking freelance directors and crew to assembling the optimum package of audio lighting, and AV equipment for your customer’s event, shoot or production, Circulio provides a single platform to help you scale and grow.

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