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Turn any product into a service

More and more customers are looking to rent, subscribe, and borrow products, rather than buying them outright. To satisfy these demands and improve customer experiences turn your products into subscription services. Develop recurring revenue growth by optimising product yield and product life cycles. Manage assets with sustainability and restorative business models in mind.


Rental Programmes

Do you own a rental business and are looking to get your customers booking online? The Circulio platform manages real time availability so you can see your entire asset base, it’s current location, all availability & forward orders in one place, allowing you to optimise your inventory to maximise your return on capital.


Try Before You Buy

The Circulio platform enables you to offer your potential customers the ability to try your products for a period of time in the comfort of their home or office. You can offer further incentives such as vouchers or cashback and if the customer decides to purchase, Circulio helps you manage the claim process.



As raw material prices go up, and availability becomes more volatile, astute brands and businesses are decoupling their growth from their consumption of finite resources by retaining ownership of products; charging only for Access not Ownership.

Circulio Features

The Circulio platform gives you the power to provide your customers with a unique, robust, secure, and
up-to-date online rental experience that will transform your business.

Full eCommerce Website functionality, including:
  • Live availability for all products
  • Branded and configurable themes
  • Searching and filtering
  • Category management
  • Mobile and responsive layout support
  • Bespoke page design
  • Language and localisation support
  • Displays live product availability
  • User friendly calendar start and end date selection process
  • Displays pricing information given the chosen dates
  • Add product to basket for selected hire dates
  • Delivery and warehouse padding taken into account
  • Look and feel customisable
  • Show dashboard of all KPIs
  • Manage all customer accounts
  • Manage all orders
  • Manage warehouse distribution
  • Manage all products for hire
  • View all reports and hire activity
  • Manage customer facing website configurations and theme
  • Manage all event bookings
Real-time dashboard showing site KPIs, including:
  • Order count graph
  • Order revenue
  • Today's warehouse status
  • Today's event ticket reservation status
Generate reports, including:
  • Shipments which are due out between the given dates
  • Product Catalogue
  • Event ticket reservations report
  • Accounts report
  • Product hire summary
  • HTTPS inflight encryption
  • Data secure and fully encrypted at rest
  • Secure member area on customer rental website
  • Role based access control within management console
  • Please contact us to request more detail
  • Create new, clone, and edit existing products
  • Upload product images and any associated video links
  • Set package weight for calculating courier delivery charges
  • View the hire activity of a product
  • Create product bundles for rent
  • Configure product pricing
  • Create and manage product assets
  • Create and assign product categories for the front end website
  • Configure associated or alternative products
  • Generate product reports (catalogue, availability, hire summary)
Integrated secure payment modules:
  • Stripe
  • Trust Payments
  • More on request...
Automatically sync with 3rd party accountancy services
  • Xero
  • More on request...
Order management:
  • Create baskets for an account
  • Send payment requests to account holder via email
  • Edit existing orders
  • Today's event ticket reservation status
Account management:
  • Create new user accounts
  • Edit existing accounts details
  • Reset account passwords
  • Account membership management
  • New account approval onboarding
Packing and shipping:
  • View all shipments required for dispatch
  • Create and pack assets into cases
  • Courier manifest creation
  • Generate all dispatch documentation
Rental Returns:
  • View all shipments due for return
  • Prioritises shipments to be unpacked containing assets required for immediate re-dispatch
  • Unpack return shipment
  • Create damage reports for missing/damaged assets
Collection point operations:
  • Restricted usage for collection point operators
  • View collection summary for all today's pickups and returns
  • Acknowledge when a customer collects a shipment
  • Acknowledge when a customer returns a shipment

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